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The Anticounterfeiting Product Line PDF Print E-mail

INKSURE offers a comprehensive line of covert security products for brand protection and document security. Solutions may be used by brand owners, security document producers, hologram manufacturers and anticounterfeiting technology suppliers. Our authentication and verification solutions follow a lock & key model which enables end-users to authenticate and track their products throughout the entire supply chain.

InkSure offers four types of solutions that can be used in different combinations as needed:

  • Taggants (optical codes) integrated into products and documents
  • Forensic-level readers configured to interpret the taggants and barcodes in order to determine if a product is counterfeited, diverted, expired and more.
  • Track and trace to track the movement of items in the supply chain
  • Inline Readers integrated into the product line to preform QA

Once the taggants are engineered in the InkSure lab, the end-user applies the taggants to products or documents during the manufacturing process. The taggants can be mixed in with the end-users' inks, barcodes packaging materials and volume liquids. The taggants, invisible to the naked eye are applied to the item and can only be identified with an InkSure reader.

Once attached to items, the taggants allow the end-user to easily track and authenticate their items as they move through the supply chain. An item may be authenticated at any time by simply holding an InkSure reader up to the item. The reader gives an authentication appraisal in seconds, letting the end user know if the item is genuine or counterfeit. The taggant, when combined with the item's barcode gives the item its own unique identity so that it can also be tracked and traced throughout the supply chain.

InkSure offers forensic-level security technology that is easy to implement and easy to operate. InkSure's anticounterfeiting solutions are ideal for organizations that desire proven solutions which are customizable and that can be implemented without any changes to the existing manufacturing process.