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Why INKSURE for Brand Protection? PDF Print E-mail

1. INKSURE brand protection technology is one of the most sophisticated product authentication solutions on the market, and yet one of the easiest to use.

Several authentication components are integrated into one synergic solution. An invisible taggant is embedded into a carrier generating a unique chemical signature that permanently marks the product or document. A small handheld CMRT reader, tuned to the signature code properties, verifies the presence or absence and authenticity of the code in a split second.

2. INKSURE’s taggant system offers cost-effective solution to address security and production challenges.

INKSURE taggants can be applied to every medium and carrier imaginable: inks, polymeric foils & plastics, paper, natural/synthetic fabrics, metal, glass, wood, ceramics and more. The result is forensic-level brand security for any product, at a fraction of the usual cost, R&D and time-to-market.

In addition, Track & Trace item-level security coding can be part of the product signature. This is integrated with the company's supply-chain and data management platform to provide real-time verification sales logistics. Thus, INKSURE helps prevent millions in lost revenue due to diversion, third-shift piracy and gray-market competition.

3. INKSURE authentication technologies are recognized for long-term dependability.

The exceptional durability of INKSURE taggants can withstand harsh wear-and-tear conditions. Even if the product has been severely damaged, INKSURE codes continue to provide reliable, court-recognized forensic data in the event of liability claims or proof of ownership.

4.The INKSURE authentication solutions have enjoyed a track record of uncompromised security for over a decade.

The MakeSure Authority designs unique signatures that present an enigma to all eyes and sensors - except for the INKSURE reader that is programmed to read this particular taggant-media configuration.

As a company regulated by the US Security Exchange Commission (SEC), INKSURE maintains the most rigorous financial standards and best practices. The R&D Division of INKSURE is developing next-generation technology, which will propel our company into the forefront of the brand security, Track & Trace and production floor control markets.