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The Unique Features of InkSure's Taggant Technology PDF Print E-mail

InkSure's authentication technology is one of the most sophisticated product-security solutions on the market, and one of the easiest to use.

1. Several components are integrated into one security solution.

  • An invisible taggant is embedded into a carrier that permanently marks the product.
  • The taggant generates a unique chemical signature.
  • A small hand-held reader is tuned to the signature code properties.
  • The reader verifies the presence or absence of the code in a split second.

2. Inksure's taggant system is cost-effective and adaptable.

  • The taggants can be applied to every medium and carrier imaginable: inks, polymeric foils and plastics, holograms, paper, natural or synthetic fabrics, metal, glass, wood, ceramics and more.
  • Inksure readers effortlessly read taggants printed on flat or curved surfaces.
  • Forensic-level brand security is achieved at a fraction of the usual cost, R&D and time-to-market.
  • Inksure solutions meet many security and production challenges, with quick ROI.

3. Inksure technology and service are recognized for long-term dependability.

  • Exceptional durability of Inksure taggants can withstand harsh wear and tear.
  • Inksure codes continue to provide reliable identification even on severely damaged products.
  • Inksure taggants provide court-recognized forensic data for resolving liability claims or proof of ownership.

4.The Inksure solution has provided uncompromised security for over a decade.

  • The unique signatures are invisible to all eyes and sensors, except for the Inksure reader programmed for a particular taggant-media configuration.
  • Thanks to the robust formulation of the taggants, there are no false readings.
  • Inksure taggants have never been counterfeited.

5. Inksure taggants can be integrated into liquid products, including fuel.

  • Inksure produces a secure taggant consisting of an inert organic chemical blended with the fuel.
  • A concentration of just one part per million (ppm) is enough for reliable product authentication and brand security.
  • The Inksure taggant reveals its presence only to a small mobile reader dedicated to liquid Inksure applications.
  • The liquid is instantly identified as either authentic or diluted, with the exact percentage of dilution.